Maths, Science and 11+ tuition

Subject support

Improve understanding of difficult topics through targeted learning

Parental inclusion

Get updates as a parent with progress cards and parents evenings

Focus skills

Join in the studio-wide themed activities to focus on important skills

Mock exams

Learn to perform well under pressure in regular mock exams

Teaching since 2012, I'm experienced in preparing students for both 11+ entrance exams for Sutton schools, and GCSE/ ALevel subjects in Maths and Science.



The studio runs tailored lessons focused on each individual student's areas of weakness, to improve understanding and skills. By teaching students the value of commitment, practice and questioning, we work towards their personal goals. Academic tuition in Sutton actively encourage students to get involved with school competitions such as Maths Challenge, Cambridge Chemistry.

The online set-up delivers effective lessons from the comfort of your home. Teaching and learning online piano is engaging, clear and rewarding. The following are used:

  • Professional microphone

  • 4K HD side view camera to show teacher - student engagement and interaction

  • Graphics tablet to annotate on-screen whiteboard, diagrams and practice questions

  • Software and online tools for lesson and assignment support e.g. Bond Online, SeeSaw, Seneca

Unique, motivating and focused learning at the studio includes...

  • An initial placement test to benchmark current ability.
  • Excellent variety of 4 week long activities throughout the year to develop important skills.
  • Numerous mock exams to develop routine of revision and exam performance.
  • Support and motivation at home with access online resources, and a personalised homework platform.
This sounds amazing, how do I join?

  • Prospective students get a free initial consultation to get assess current ability and needs.
  • Start a 6 week trial period to begin working on areas for improvement. This includes a Placement test, a mock exam and weekly assignments.
  • Should you successfully complete this trial, you are officially welcomed to the studio via registration.
  • You're in! Get involved in the focused skill activities, challenges and mock exams.
Focus activities in the studio's curriculum...
  • Skills developed: self-evaluation and reflection, time management, performing under pressure, translating mental processing to paper working out, flipped learning, tackling wordy questions.

My extensive library of academic subject books contains over 100 books across the main exam boards.

  • 11+: Bond, Letts, CGP

  • KS2: Letts, CGP

  • KS3: CGP

  • GCSE: Edexcel, AQA, OCR, Letts, CGP

  • ALevel: Edexcel, AQA, OCR, Letts, CGP

"Qian is a truly 5 stars tutor who always organizes and prepares well for 11+ lessons. With the great time management Qian also provides the reasonable homework which keep my daughter motivated but not over tired. I would recommend Qian to all parents who is looking for long term and flexible tuitions."- Annabel (11+ parent)

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