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Welcome! I'm Qian, founder of Qian Tutor. I'm an experienced piano teacher and academic tutor, based online and in Sutton. Passionate about creating unique, motivating and fun learning experiences.

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I started teaching back in 2012 whilst I was still at secondary school. Back then, I was a young, wide-eyed teenager armed with nothing but the knowledge that I enjoyed helping others. My first student was a local family friend, just a few years younger than myself. At this point I had 10 years of music education under my belt, and unfortunately made the mistake of teaching the same way that I had been taught.

Fast forwards a few more years, I had earnt a Masters in Civil Engineering and gained a wealth of teaching experience with the outreach program. Now I taught both Piano and academics. It was at this point, that I started looking into ways of creating lessons that were different to the norm. Lessons that were unique, creative, fun, motivating and so much more.

In 2019 I re-launched a fresh new approach under the name Qian Tutor, and the studio has never been busier! Encouraged by the feedback and success I had seen, I began refining this creativity and evolved my traditional old-school ways.

Qian Tutor started as a way for me to keep striving to

become a better teacher for my students.

From day one I knew that I never wanted to compromise on work ethic- commitment, patience and intrinsic motivation were values that had to sit at the heart of every lesson. Over the next year I learnt how to incorporate effective learning games & tools, and quickly found a deep passion for creative and engaging learning.

Initially I was reluctant to use this new approach with students. Would progress be impacted? Was this just a novelty gimmick that would quickly wear off? The results in motivation and engaging sky rocketed, and that spoke volumes about this brilliant style. It grew from there, and the studio has blossomed into a wonderful community of over 25 students, many of whom join by friend and family recommendations.

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We now have over 25 students, an online piano video & audio library, personalised apps for each student and regular fresh projects. You'll also find lots of inspiration in our newsletters and blog.


We value...

Creativity, fun, work ethic, respect, growth, openness and

each student as a unique individual