Testimonials from students and parents

YEN YEN KHOR- adult piano student (2021)

Qian is an excellent piano teacher and I highly recommend her. She is patient, very organised and always conducts lessons in a well prepared manner. I am an adult learner, having attempted to learn piano on and off over the years and have had a few teachers, Qian is definitely the best teacher I have had. I thought online learning is not possible for piano but she definitely makes it possible and efficient with the help of technology. Now being able to learn in the comfort of my own home and no time wasted in travelling, I definitely see that being able to learn piano online is a bonus, rather than a disadvantage. 

ANA GRACEY- piano parent (2021).

Qian is a wonderful piano teacher. She is a breath of fresh air, certainly compared to the teachers I had as a child. She really engages children in their learning of the piano and also in their wider understanding of music. Qian always goes the extra mile and is very caring and solicitous towards her students. She sets a fantastic example with her boundless enthusiasm and always manages to get them excited about learning the piano. Highly recommended!

NICOLE BELFON- 11+ parent (2021)

It's been 6mths since Qian started tutoring my daughter, and I can testify to the transformation in my daughter's approach to learning. Qian has a unique method of teaching which keeps my daughter engage with her learning. My daughter enjoys the lessons and can testify to her personal development since she started learning with Qian tutor. Thanks, Qian for your dedication, patience and support over the past 6mths. Excellent Tutor!

PATRICIA MOLINA- piano and Maths parent (2020)

Qian is the best piano tutor my daughter has ever had. My daughter has never been so excited about learning piano. I never though distance learning could work for my daughter. However Qian makes sure the classes are interactive and fun. Qian’s style is unique, engaging and enthusiastic. The tools used during the lessons are helping to get the best of my daughter and keep her motivated. I am very happy to see the progress my daughter is making and more importantly how happy she is about learning and taking new challenges. Thank you Qian for your continuous motivation and encouragement.

ANNABEL HAN- piano and 11+ parent (2020)

Qian is a truly 5 stars tutor who always organizes and prepares well on both piano and 11+ lessons. With the great time management Qian also provides the reasonable homework which keep my daughter motivated but not over tired. I would recommend Qian to all parents who is looking for long term and flexible tuitions.

SERENA MCKEN- piano parent (2020)

My children have really enjoyed their piano lessons since starting at the beginning of the year. They have continued their lessons online via Zoom due to COVID-19 lockdown, which have worked just as well as face-to-face tuition. Qian is passionate about piano, great with children and very professional.

SONYA CHAUHAN- piano parent (2019)

Qian has been an excellent teacher to myself and my son. Not only she teaches well, she has also made learning quite a fun activity and my boy loves it! She goes extra mile by providing additional help with learning. She has a very good understanding of music. One good thing about her is that she will take note of the kind of music you are interested in help you in that direction, which I think is amazing. I wish her all the best !!

DASUN WERAN- piano parent (2019)

My son started taking private piano lessons from Qian since last 6 months. I am impressed by Qian's unique way of teaching piano. Her teaching method helps build a solid foundation for kids to develop their interests and skills in playing piano. Qian is amazing with children and she creates an environment that is friendly and inspiring. Finally, she is well proficient in online teaching methods and nicely skilled to engaged with the student remotely.



Qian has been teaching my 9 year old son piano for a few months now and he really loves attending her lessons. He says that he learns something new every time and I have observed Qian to be a patient and enthusiastic tutor who encourages my son to develop in his piano skills. She has just helped him to pass his piano exam with distinction. I highly recommend her as a piano tutor!


Qian is a very professional and friendly piano tutor who shows great enthusiasm and a passion for teaching. My children have developed a love for this instrument and I have Qian to thank for that. I highly recommend her as a tutor.


Qian is amazing piano teacher and my daughter always enjoys her lessons . Qian is a very patient and enthusiastic tutor. My daughter piano skill is going up by every week. Very happy with her teaching method.


Qian is an earnest, enthusiastic, energetic and patient piano tutor. She teaches techniques very well, provides sufficient guidance during the class and through the Tonara app. Qian is an amazing Piano teacher and my daughter has gained a lot of improved with her teaching skills.


A great tutor, my daughter is very happy with her weekly sessions. She has found Qian to be extremely helpful and attentive. The teacher provides a great and professional platform for enriched learning.



My children learn piano with Qian, she is patient, impart a great level of knowledge and engages well. I will highly recommend her to other parents. She is very reasonable with her price as well.


Qian was able to quickly find out what stage my child is in after just one lesson and give challenging work accordingly. Really engages with my child and sets targets and expectations quickly.


Gives very clear instructions and guidance. Makes me feel comfortable as a beginner. Cheerful tutor!


My daughter loved her first lessons with Qian, she's a perfect fit for us!


My daughter’s Maths results and understanding have improved immensely since working with Qian.


Fantastic teacher, very organised and patient and leads by great example.


Qian is patient, always try to motivate you and she understands which one are your flaws.


Qian makes lessons fun!


Qian is great Piano and 11+ tutor. Enthusiastic and Motivated. My son is happy study with her.


Great tutor who is very good at motivation and teaching to improve the children's skills.


Really nice, calm and patient with my daughter for piano lessons.


Qian is very good at teaching piano!


Qian has been teaching my daughter Maths, and she enjoys her lessons.

FIONA WAN- piano parent (2021)

Qian has been fantastic for both my 8 year old who achieved a Grade 1 distinction with Qian's guidance and support. My 6 year old who also just started, has thoroughly enjoyed his first piano lessons and always looks forward to the next one. Qian’s use of technology and innovation is first class and a benchmark for all other piano tutors to follow.