Your advanced checklist for online learning

Equipment and tips to level up your online piano experience.

In this blog article, I'll be discussing advanced tips and equipment to improve your online learning experience as a student. Firstly I'll briefly mention the basic checklist (no equipment needed), and then I'll do a deep dive into equipment and tools for those whom online learning will be a long-term commitment worth the investment.


Everyone who learns piano online needs to do these basic fundamentals:


Planning on taking online lessons more than just a few month i.e. long-term? I strong recommend you consider the following. NB: equipment required.

Find all the below equipment and more here.

Click here to learn how to update Zoom and enable the features discussed below.

  • Check your internet plan is fibre optic/ high-speed/ unlimited. Upgrade may be need.

  • Check your laptop is less than 4 years old. Upgrade if required.

  1. I recommend MacBook (Air, Pro or Mac)

  • Invest in an external microphone

  1. This vastly improves audio the teacher hears

  2. I recommend the Blue Yeti or Rode

  • Invest in an external webcam

  1. This vastly improves video the teacher sees

  2. I recommend the Logitech C920, C922 or Brio

  • Enable High Fidelity Music mode in Zoom

  1. Start Zoom App

  2. Click Settings Gear/ Preferences

  3. Audio > Advanced > Show in-meeting option to “Enable Original Sound” from microphone > High fidelity music mode

  4. Click Turn on Original Sound button on screen during meeting

  • Enable Stereo Audio mode in Zoom (part 1)


  2. Sign In or My Account (top right).

  3. Personal > Settings > In Meeting (Advanced) > Allow users to select stereo audio in their client settings > ENABLE

  • Enable Stereo Audio mode in Zoom (part 2)

  1. Start Zoom App

  2. Login

  3. Click Settings Gear/ Preferences

  4. Audio > Enable Stereo Sound > Check