Where I get inspiration for piano teaching

Undoubtably one of my biggest inspirations for becoming a piano teacher, was my own musical education. Learning piano and violin, performing in folk bands and orchestras gave me a great appreciation of music.

My own piano teacher was fantastic. Lessons were something I looked forward to every week and playing piano never felt like a chore. Taking me in aged 5 and a half, I had lessons with her nearly every week until an adult. At age 15, she was the one who suggested I was a great fit for teaching piano. And so it began, with some training under her watchful eye and teaching my first 2 students.

I keep striving forwards. The following resources have provided excellent inspiration for new projects, book recommendations, different teaching styles, structuring lessons, goal setting, fun games, musician skills and repertoire.

PianoTV: videos covering music history, teaching experiences, skills

Josh Wright: videos for advanced players on technique

Colourful Keys: fun ideas for teaching children

Curious Piano Teachers: teaching blog