What to look for to find the right piano teacher for you

Having the right teacher for you, is key to your success and enjoyment as a piano student. Just like how every student is different, each teacher will differ in their personality, teaching style and methods.

Age, qualifications and cost don't always equate to a better teacher. Here are some of the things you need to consider, to maximise your learning experience.

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Does the teacher inspire a love of music and learning?

Does the teacher take interest in you as a person?

Does the teacher listen and work with you to overcome your learning obstacles?

Does the teacher demonstrate an enjoyment of learning?

Does the teacher regularly check-in with you about your musical tastes?

Does the teacher regularly check-in with you about your short and long term goals?

Is the teacher organised with lesson structures?

Does the teacher explain concepts in a clear manner?

Does the teacher have a good range of teaching books used?

Is the teacher adaptable to best fit your learning style and goals?

Does the teacher offer the opportunity for an interview or trial period?

What most important to you- fun, technique, results?

Are you looking for lessons for a child or adult student?

Are you looking for a travelling teacher, studio teacher or online teacher?

Are you looking for a music academy, franchise or private teacher?

Are you looking for a relaxed teacher, a strict teacher or someone in-between?

Are you looking for broad-based learning or a specific music genre?

Did you find this teacher via a family or friend recommendation?

Can the teacher give advice on purchasing musical instruments?

Is the teacher selective with their students and families?

The best teacher for you, may not be the best teacher for someone else. Ideally, a good teacher should demonstrate these qualities...

  1. Passion and enthusiasm for: learning, progressing, teaching, playing, music

  2. Inspire you to: play new music, practise, work to improve

  3. Communication about: goals, progress, obstacles and solutions

  4. Variety in music: expose student to various genres, not just exam pieces

  5. Organisation: structures lessons with long-term goal in mind

  6. Rapport: respect and working relationship between student and teacher

  7. Challenge and support: understand your comfort, fear, learning & growth zone