What an exciting summer 2020!

2020 at the studio has been full of excellent and exciting activities, the biggest of which has been the annual student composition project!

What's so unique about learning with Qian Tutor, is the variety of projects, challenges and activities that happen through the year. Learning piano or academics with Qian Tutor online or in Sutton, is so much more than just lessons. Here we make learning exciting, fresh and engaging, involving each student to empower them in their own journey towards confidence and success.

I'm so proud of what the students have achieved this year in the annual student composition project. There have been a wonderful variety of original works that explore various genres and characters.

Click below to see the amazing book the studio has published this year!

88 Keys- a collection of original works
Download • 664KB

If you are a music teacher reading this, I want to challenge you to become more creative with your teaching. Ask open ended questions, teach more than just note reading. What new thing will you try now?

If you are a piano parent or student reading, I want to challenge you to become more creative with your learning. Ask your teacher for projects that develop your skills in areas such as improvisation, arrangement and composition.