Top 40 reasons to learn piano

Considering learning piano yet still unsure? Here's 40 awesome reasons why piano is the best musical instrument **clearly no bias against any other instruments...

  1. Builds grey matter in the brain

  2. Results in flexible and adaptable thinking

  3. Sharpen concentration and focus

  4. Raises IQ

  5. Learn better and quicker

  6. Improve academic performance

  7. Makes emotional perception stronger

  8. Strengthen hearing skills

  9. Lower stress levels

  10. Deters against biting fingernails

  11. Create a full sound with both harmony and melody

  12. Pianos look classy

  13. Playing is gentle to the fingertips

  14. It's mentally stimulating

  15. Builds patience, discipline and character

  16. Be emotionally healthier

  17. Makes your brain better at language

  18. Gives a confidence boost

  19. Develops creativity

  20. Learn strategy and planning skills

  21. Improve maths skills

  22. Improves reading comprehension

  23. Stronger hand muscles and hand-eye co-ordination

  24. Good for your joints

  25. Improves rhythm and dance skills

  26. Expands cultural knowledge

  27. Allows for kinaesthetic and tactile learning

  28. Piano is popular

  29. Piano is accessible to all

  30. Increases motivation and positivity

  31. Makes for great entertainment

  32. Make new friends

  33. Easily play duets on the same instrument

  34. New found passion and hobby

  35. It's a life-long skill

  36. It's fun and brings joy!

  37. It's enjoyable for you and listeners!

  38. It sounds good!

  39. Play your favourite tunes!

  40. Sing-along to songs!