The value of private tuition, in the world of COVID-19

Now more than ever, music and learning is an escape of the harsh and bleak reality our world faces in the era of COVID-19. As a piano teacher in Sutton and online, I've seen the fear and impact the pandemic is having on school education and the creative industry.

In the UK, schools closed their doors to students, moving towards online learning. This has not been a successful transition for all schools. Arguably private schools, whom have access to more resources and smaller class sizes, have been able to provide a balanced number of live online lessons, online lesson material and assignments. Less well resourced schools, with staff stretched thin due to both teaching online and in-person to key worker children, have provided a poor online substitute. Their version of online school is just setting assignments and expecting the students to manage their own motivation and time to complete this.

It's likely that having such as extended period of time away from structured education, will result in an education gap between families able to support the student at home. Not all students have families who are well-educated, with financially stable incomes and able to work from home to balance their jobs and home-schooling.

Thus private tuition becomes more important than ever to give children individual and focused support. Whether academically or musically. In particular, music education serves as a source of fulfilment, mental health support and method to connect with other people. Music transcends language, race, religion, age, sex, social class and politics.