The power of motivational rewards

Students, no matter their personality or age, have peaks and dips in motivation. Sometimes it doesn't matter how amazing the lesson went, how brilliant the teacher is or how extraordinary the student is. Students are not invincible to personal issues, confidence dips or periods of bad mood. We're all human and it's ok to sometimes not feel great.

That's why the use of motivational rewards from the teacher can be a powerful extrinsic motivator!

Everybody has a level of personal intrinsic motivation. This is where YOU want to learn for your own reasons. Not influenced by others. Perhaps it's to do with confidence, self-development or enjoyment you get from mastering a tricky skill.

Extrinsic motivation on the other hand, is related to influences of others around you. Whether these are your peers, your family or those in authority positions like teachers.

At the studio, we use motivational rewards as extrinsic motivators from the teacher, to give students and families the extra boost of confidence and sense of achievement that we all need from time to time.

From myself, Qian the tutor, these take the form of...

  • Digital and physical stickers (children love these, especially ones which are personalised, are scented or seasonal)

  • Postcards sent home to recognise their effort, attendance and progress

  • Pin badges themed for Tuition or Piano, to show off to their friends and families

  • Birthday cards to remind students how special and unique they are

  • Notes home to proudly state why they are amazing

  • Awards and certificates... These can be Star of the Week, Teachers Award, Recitals, Competitions!

Using these motivational rewards makes a big impact to students. They feel value, respected and recognised. This in turn encourages them to invest their energy, passion and time into developing their skills. A little happiness can go a long way at the studio!