The important role of the piano parent

In my studio, one of the most important aspects is strong collaboration and respect between student-teacher-parent. Without this as a piano teacher in Sutton and online, I often see motivation, progress and goals fizzle out.

Practise at home is more important that the lesson. Yes I just said that!

If you compare the time spent in piano lessons (30mins - 1hr once a week) compared to the time spent at home practising, the numbers do not lie. Learning piano has a good element of muscle memory, repetition, and osmosis understanding. A piano teacher has only a short time frame to see a tiny snapshot into how the student is progressing and what current obstacles are. So this is where the piano parent takes a key role at home.

For young children, the parent as a guide, a role model and audience for piano playing at home. Parents have a responsibility to invest time and financials to support their child. Here is what my ideal piano parent should be doing:

  1. Listening and communicating with the piano teacher.

  2. Implementing piano teacher's advice at home.

  3. Be willing to make the financial investments at appropriate times.

  4. Being organised with ordering books, exam/ recital/ festival dates.

  5. Sitting next to their child during practise sessions.

  6. Reinforcing the practise plan at home, creating a daily routine and expectation.

  7. Act as an encouraging and firm voice.