How my piano studio is personable and professional

How can piano teachers and piano families be both personable and professional?

It can see these two conducts are opposites. However both are important traits needed for a long term and healthy relationship to benefit both the teacher and families. Here is how I as a piano teacher online and in Sutton, keep my studio both personal and professional.


  • Tailor lessons to each individual student.

  • Remember the each student's unique interests, what they're up to, their goals.

  • Find out what learning and teaching methods work best for each student.

  • Take the time to get to know and support each family, to overcome any fears or uncertainty each party may have.

  • Understand the home and school environment.

  • Have an approachable and open manner.

  • Listen to feedback from students and families.


  • Have clear policies in place, enforce and communicate this to families.

  • Recommend books/ pianos/ exams/ practise. Don't ask!

  • Communicate via email. Don't use social media to message.

  • Maintain a smart dress code and tidy studio.

  • Have a studio website and social media presence.

  • Communicate only during the set business hours.

  • Keep updated through professional development and involvement in teaching forums.

  • Respect the each student and family.

  • Regular communication via studio update emails/ newsletters/ progress cards/ meetings.