Online piano recital checklist

Important reading for students and piano parents, make sure your recital goes as smoothly as possible.

  1. Device up-to-date with Zoom (next update on 30th May 2020)

  2. Battery adequately charged.

  3. Position internet router/ modem as close to the device as possible.

  4. Optimise audio settings on Zoom. Please watch this YouTube video for instructions (video segment to watch is 4:00 - 7:02)

  5. Performer and the piano must be in view.

  6. Space well lit, light from behind the camera. Minimal background noise.

  7. Arrive to meeting 10 minutes before your recital for audio and video check.

  8. Share the Zoom link and confirm with the teacher the names of audience.

  9. Audience members join with video and audio on.

  10. Use Zoom in "Speaker" mode, so you can see the person who is playing as being in the large window.

  11. Dress smartly as you would for any in-person recital.

  12. Introduce yourself before playing 'Hello, my name is xxx, I've been playing piano for xxx yrs and today I'll be playing xxx'. After playing thank the audience.

  13. Teacher will 'mute all' except the performer to optimise audio.

  14. Visual applause will be used (i.e. jazz hands or thumbs up).

  15. After the final performer, the teacher will unmute everyone again so all of performers can hear the final round of applause.

  16. The teacher will open the recital with an introduction, and say a few words between performances to cue the next player, and conclude at very end.

Good luck to all performers!