My fun studio challenges

How do I keep my students engaged and motivated throughout the year? The year is long, and have peaks and lulls of motivation and engagement. Piano learning and practise can easily become a strict boring routine, lacking in energy and freshness it once had.

As a piano teacher online and in Sutton, I use regular fun studio challenges to inject excitement back into lessons and practise at home. Challenges can be individual goals or in friendly competition with other students.

Here are just some my studio have used in the academic year 2019-2020:

  • Recording Week (a DIY home concert)

  • Summer recital (performance to the audience of other students and families)

  • 88 Keys (2020 student composition of original works)

  • Piano Ninja (practise incentive using martial arts belts to track progress)

  • Super Scales (reward chart for a set of target scales)

Plans for the academic year 2020-2021 for challenges include:

  • Competition season (preparation and entry into Sutton Music Festival)

  • Magic memory (memorisation of pieces to perform)

  • Ear power (ear training and learning pieces by ear)

Recently the studio has invested in the Vibrant Music Teaching resources, to explore how to gamify learning and include more organised fun to learning and practise at home! Stay tuned to see how this goes along at the studio.