iMac and lighting upgrade for Dec 2020

Our educational studio is provides excellence in education, always striving to improve the quality of learning for students and parents.

I'm pleased to announce the studio has invested in upgrading the online lesson set up to provide excellence for all students. With a new iMac and strategic lighting, students get a more immersive and interactive experience with Qian!

This video demonstrates both the student's view and the teacher's view for online piano lessons.

This is the set-up for online piano lessons. With multiple lighting options (soft box, ring light, warm lights), the backdrop and myself at the piano are clear to the student. The microphone is positioned to pick up both voice and piano. This is carefully adjusted throughout the day, so that the sunlight levels don't impact adversely on the video resolution.

This is part of the view students see during their lessons. Using OBS Studio, I'm able to provide students with a main view of myself at the piano, alongside a overhead view of my hands at the keys.

This is a view of what my desk equipment is for online tuition lessons. Microphone, keyboard, graphics tablet and mouse are all in close reach. This allows me to quickly pull up documents, annotate on the digital whiteboard, or switch view depending on what the student needs during the lesson.