COVID-19. How I made the jump to online teaching

2020 is being defined by the COVID-19 virus pandemic. And in-person piano teaching has not been left unaffected. Across the UK (and other countries too), music education has had to reactively and rapidly evolve into the online teaching and learning format. As a Piano teacher in Sutton, Piano lessons in Sutton have shifted from in-person to fully online.

Prior to COVID-19, I taught a small number of academic lessons online. Academic subjects were more familiar to be taught online. Only requiring a webcam. Teaching piano online, initially for me, felt like it wouldn't work nor be effective. I personally was a cynic.

However, as the seriousness of pandemic grew in the UK, I made the decision to stop in-person lessons in March 2020. Over the course of 3 weeks, I spent nearly everyday researching, experimenting and setting up for the online teaching environment. It was only after 4-6 weeks of teaching online that I feel confident and proficient at delivering quality lessons.

How I made the upgrade to online piano lessons?

My online set-up is till being refined and polished, but below was the approximate timeline for my studio:

  • Start of March 2020: announced to studio students and families that in-person Piano lessons in Sutton were postponed until further notice.

  • Following 3 weeks in March 2020: tested optimal platform was Zoom, set-up overhead camera for piano keys, purchased graphics tablet for digital whiteboard, laptop position tested.

  • 4th week in March 2020: set-up website, online courses, social media pages, purchased professional microphone, studio lights.

  • End of March 2020: launched online Piano, Maths, Science and 11+ lessons, parents evening/ progress card/ studio newsletter issued.

  • April 2020: refining online set-up with apps and software, expansion of teaching library. Progressing with studio online activities and projects.