A second COVID-19 lockdown in the UK? How we're more prepared this time

Mid September 2020, the government announced stricter national measures as the COVID-19 risk alert rose from 3 to 4. This means that the virus is increasingly across majority of the country, and everyone needs to be more alert and aware of the actions needed to control the spread of the virus.

At the start of March/ April 2020 was when the virus began growing in circulation, resulting in a national lockdown. Everyone felt at least a mild sense of panic and uncertainty. Shops were cleared of un-perishable goods, and schools had no choice but to perform a mass exodus to online teaching.

Even for my studio, this time was very uncertain. Many students and families had not experienced online teaching before. Many had to juggle working from home responsibilities with childcare and homeschooling. There were some successes yet many felt emotionally overwhelmed.

This time with a potential second COVID-19 lockdown, we are more prepared.

Mentally we are more prepared. We understand this virus is not going away until the vaccine is available and administered to the mass public.

Technologically we are more prepared. Students and families have accustomed to online lessons, communicating digitally and have gradually improved their set-up at home to facilitate effective learning.

Socially we are more prepared. Face coverings and masks, hand hygiene products, testing and track & trace are now available.

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