7 top signs your adult student won't stick around

Adults make excellent students, however there are some signs they won't be sticking around your studio for very long.

Whilst adult students can excel in intrinsic motivation, lesson focus and musical understanding; areas that need more support include lesson and practise consistency. Without adult supervision that child students benefit from, adult students must rely on themselves to make progress.

  1. The adult student asks for a switch to monthly or fortnightly lessons.

  2. The adult student only books too few or too many lessons when they first join.

  3. The adult student tries to negotiate the lesson fee or policy.

  4. The adult student makes too frequent cancellations or short notice changes.

  5. The adult student does not respond constructively to feedback.

  6. The adult student doesn't invest in a quality instrument.

  7. The adult student exhibits a closed mindset.