4 easy ways to impress your piano teacher

Want to be a star student? Doing these things are guaranteed to impress your piano teacher and show that you are serious about learning.


It's obvious and it's the simplest thing to do. Practise consistently on a daily basis, practise smart by following the practise plan, practise enough. Aim for careful, concentrated and accurate practise.

Have the right attitude

Have goals in mind and voice these with your teacher. Have positive self-talk to motivate yourself. Be willing to try new things outside your stable comfort zone. See each step forwards as an achievable challenge and not impossible. Trust your teacher, they have your best interests at heart and are there to help you. Be willing to make mistakes and learn from them. Stay humble, have a good work ethic and be patient.

Being organised

This means turning up early to lessons, making sure you've prepared for the lesson, bringing the correct books, knowing your recital and exam dates.

Be proactive outside just lessons and practise time

This might mean joining a band or ensemble, performing for family and friends, teaching others the very basics, attending concerts, listening to recordings. All these show you are interested in more and see how music connects to different areas of life.