It is the responsibility of students and parents to read and understand the policy. This is publicly displayed on the website so prospective & current students and parents, understand how Qian Tutor operates. Please check every 3 months to see any policy changes. At Qian Tutor, education is taken very seriously, all lessons are tailored to individual needs and student-teacher-parent collaboration is highly valued.

Lesson duration: Music lessons are 30 minute, 45 minute or 1hr (based on student ability). All students are encouraged to take graded music exams and perform. Academic tuition sessions are 1-1.5 hr. Group lessons are not offered.

Price and policy: Both can be subject to change. There is a summer-time rate adjustment every year. From Summer 2020, lesson rates for new students are £35-£45/hr dependent on level. Online and in-person lesson rates are the same.

Decline and discontinue: Qian Tutor reserves the right to decline teaching prospective students and discontinue lessons with current students for reasons including poor attendance, poor behaviour, poor practise, breaking policy. These apply to both student and parent.

Safeguarding: Prospective students must be 18 or older to contact Qian Tutor directly. If you are under 18, your parent guardian needs to initiate contact.

Payment: Lesson fee must be paid 24hr before the start of the lesson. Qian Tutor reserves the right to cancel the lesson if payment is not made and processed in time. No payment equals no lesson. If a student or parent wishes to discontinue lessons, 21 days notice must be given otherwise all lessons that were charged but not taught at that time will be forfeit and will not be credited back to the student or parent.

Refunds and make-up: There are no make-up lessons. Refunds are only given in the event of a genuine mistake of overpayment and this has been first communicated between Qian Tutor and the student or parent.

Calendar: Qian Tutor does not follow the academic year. Lessons continue throughout any school holidays. If students wish to take a break from lessons during the school holidays, 14 days notice from the final lesson before break is required.

Privacy: Students and parent personal information will be required for the purpose of music exam applications, music recitals and other projects. This information will never be shared with the public. Photo and video recording takes place, and this may be used in marketing with faces obscured.

Attendance: If the student arrives later than 5 minutes from the start time of their scheduled lesson start time, Qian Tutor reserve the right to not teach the lesson and student will be charged the full lesson fee.

Scheduling: 24-hour notice from the original lesson start time is required for changes to lesson date and/or time. If a change is made within those 24 hours, student will be charged the full lesson fee, and the new scheduled hour will count as another lesson hour. There is a limit of 6 reschedules a year. If schedule change is due to a genuine emergency, contact Qian Tutor by phone immediately, and that lesson hour will be credited back to you. Emergencies cover for: death of immediate family, sudden serious illness of student or parent that requires hospital A&E. Birthday parties or friends/ family visits are not accepted as emergencies.

Lesson time: Qian Tutor only teaches during the scheduled hour and will charge a full lesson fee for that time slot. However if Qian Tutor goes overtime, student won't be charged extra.

Prospective students: The one-time consultation is required for all prospective students. This can be either a stand-alone session, or included in the first paid lesson.

Music exams: Qian Tutor reserves the right to make decision on if exam entries are suitable for the student. This is dependent on practise, lesson commitment and progress. If the student is not ready to undertake an examination, it means they will not be doing their examination. Exams are with ABRSM.

Material and equipment: Students are required to purchase their own materials. For music, student must have a minimum of a full-size weighted keyboard before beginning lessons.

Insurance: Qian Tutor is not responsible nor liable for any accidents or injury incurred during online or in-person lessons. 

Online lesson rules (in addition to the above policy):

  1. For students under 18, parent/ guardian must be present at the beginning and end of the lesson for the first 2 lessons.

  2. It is up to the student to call Qian Tutor at the scheduled lesson hour.

  3. Zoom is the video calling platform used. Video calling the account at other times than scheduled for lessons, is not allowed and may result in termination of lessons. All lessons that were charged but not taught at that time will be forfeit and will not be credited back to you.

  4. Software or hardware issues affecting the lesson are beyond control, and lesson time will not be extended to compensate.

  5. Student set-up should be prepared before the lesson start time. Make sure the student and majority length of your piano is in view, and place your laptop/ iPad in area with good lighting and minimal background noise.

Studio rules (in addition to the above policy):

  1. Food: No smoking, eating, drinking, pets or shoes allowed inside. Water is permitted.

  2. Spectators: Parent/ guardian allowed to stay inside during lesson for first 2 lessons only. After which they must remain outside.

  3. Medical: Any medical conditions and/ or allergies need to be declared alongside any emergency contact details. Qian Tutor is not a medical professional and does not have the authority to administer medication.

  4. Hygiene: Wash hands using warm water and soap upon both entering and existing the studio. Hands sanitiser and toilet available. Piano, chairs, tables, handles, light switches and toilet are regularly disinfected.

  5. Illness: Notify Qian Tutor ASAP if within the last 14 days: your household or the student is feeling ill, showing symptoms of illness, been in contact with someone who is ill or been abroad. Qian Tutor reserves the right to refuse entry or cancel a lesson in this situation.

  6. Business hours: Respect the business hours and do not arrive outside those times. 15 minute gap between lessons are for lesson preparation, fresh air circulation and cleaning to take place. If you arrive early, please wait outside.

  7. Parking: Free street parking is available, be respectful of residential neighbours and do not obstruct driveways.

  8. Travel: All in-person lessons are at the studio.