Piano lessons for children

Creativity and love for music is at the heart of learning. From the very start, children join a friendly, supportive and positive community of other awesome students. I create an educational environment were students can't wait for their next lesson, and are kept excited through fresh challenges and projects.

Children get amazing support and motivation at home through their own personalised app.

Sample intermediate piano lesson


Motivating support at home through a personalised practise app. Students benefit from:

  • friendly competition with each other to climb the practise points leaderboard

  • access to video and audio recordings to supplement learning

  • motivation from teacher through stickers and help on the message board

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Incredible games, mini-courses and challenges to enrich lessons:

  • unique and fun games for every level & age, for lesson and home

  • develops beneficial creativity and musicianship skills for life

  • structured curriculum tailored for each student's interests


Fantastic exam preparation to create confident performers with good technique:

  • finger exercises and scales to build agility, dexterity and co-ordination

  • regular focus on sight-reading new music to build note-reading skills

  • well-rounded music selection from classical to modern


I hold two concerts every year which all students are invited to perform in, either in competition or recital format. These are supportive and friendly spaces designed for students to develop performance skills and confidence. Typically these are held at the end of Autumn and Summer.


Piano parents have my full support at home, and are kept in the loop with the studio activities. For example there are regular studio newsletters, termly progress cards and surveys.... because parents play an important role in the Qian Tutor community.

Work with me to nurture, support and motivate your children at home.