Piano lessons for adults

Adults are fully welcome, whether starting from complete beginner or returning to rekindle their childhood hobby. I strive to create a personalised and rewarding learning experience, focused on the music they love. Adults can access excellent online resources to support their individual progress.


I always encourage and support adult piano learners without ever judging or criticising negatively. 

Piano Show

Reasons to join

  • You're given a platform and a voice

  • You don't need any special talent

  • I am committed to your learning

  • Anyone can achieve their goals with the right mindset


I recommend at least 60 minute weekly lessons for adult piano students. Adults and children process information differently. Adults tend to be more musically intelligent and better able to direct their learning roadmap.


This longer time allows you breathing room to understand and think through the new skills to build your confidence when practising at home. We can explore more music genres for you to progress quicker and play music you love!


At Qian Tutor, we are an open and welcoming studio. And this applies to the type of music you want to learn! So whether you are a complete beginner wanting to learn Classical music or a rusty returner looking to revisit Popular music, there is a place for you.


Adults have to juggle work, family, general life alongside regular practise time at home. It's a lot and I fully understand if there is a week where it's not been possible to practise. In this case, we'll use the lesson time working through certain areas for you as guided practise.


Piano lessons either online on Zoom or in-person at my home studio in Sutton SM3, Surrey. For more information about piano lessons, see the lesson FAQ, or contact me.