Piano Lessons

Support at home

Access your personalised app or online library for resources to enrich learning at home

Studio inclusion

Have your voice heard through regular progress cards, goal setting and surveys as part of the studio community

Fresh challenges

Join competitions and challenges for all levels throughout the year, to maintain excitement and interest in piano

Student projects

Embark on creative projects such as composition and performance in a well-rounded curriculm

Sample beginner piano lesson

I am a classically trained pianist and my specialism is in Classical music. Learning to play music should be an exploration of all music, so music lessons are more than just Classical. Baroque, Romantic, Modern, Pop, Jazz and Blues will be covered. All students are encouraged to enter ABRSM at the right time. The studio runs unique lessons which are fun at the right level of challenging, student projects and teaches the value of life-long learning.


Piano lessons in Sutton actively encourage students to get involved with school, youth and community music groups. I also teach less commonly taught aspects of piano:

  • Improvisation, composition and arranging across most genres

  • Popular music, Jazz and Blues

  • Duet playing

The online set-up delivers effective lessons from the comfort of your home. Teaching and learning online piano is engaging, clear and rewarding. The following are used:

  • Professional microphone

  • 4K HD overhead and side view camera to demonstrate piano keys and playing technique

  • Graphics tablet to annotate on-screen sheet music

  • Software e.g. Sibelius, Classroom Maestro, MuseScore

Unique, creative and fun learning at the studio includes...

  • Special requests from students for suggestions of music they want to learn. All genres welcome, studio access to digital music library.

  • Excellent variety of projects throughout the year to develop students into well rounded musicians.

  • Exciting games and challenges to complement each student's learning roadmap.

  • Support and motivation at home with access to the studio's online piano video and audio library, and a personalised practise app.

This sounds amazing, how do I join?

  • Prospective students get a free initial consultation which acts as a two-way interview to see if there is potential.

  • If so, prospective students start a 6 week trial period to assess if we're right for each other. We'll look at interest, attitude and performance during lessons and at home. This is a chance for us to have a great time.

  • Should you successfully complete this trial, you are officially welcomed to the studio via registration.

  • You're in! Get involved in the exciting studio challenges and projects, and learn to love music.

Practise expectations

Daily practice is key to learning, and students are expected to follow their practise plan.

Practise includes: technical exercises, scales, repertoire, sight-reading, theory.

The better quality your instrument is, the better quality practice will be. Students need minimum a full-size 88 keys weighted keyboard before beginning lessons.

Beyond Grade 1, students are expected to invest in either a digital or acoustic piano.

Read my blog for more advice about piano learning

Choosing lessons

From experience, the below lesson lengths work best.

Piano lessons for children​

Elementary: 30mins

Grade 2-4 (Begineer): 45mins

Grade 5-6 (Inter.): 1hr

Grades 7-8 (Adv.): 1hr 

Piano lessons for adults

Adults (all abilities): 1hr

Read my FAQs for the answers to commonly asked questions

Creative projects in the studio's curriculum...​

  • Challenges: Recording Week, Super Scales, Piano Ninja Practise, 30 days of Sight-Reading

  • Projects: Competition season, Chord Chaos, Lead sheet Leader, History Expert, Big Summer Recital, Annual Student Composition, Bullseye target.

  • Skills developed: self-evaluation and reflection, practise habits, performance, musicianship, accompaniment, theory, memorization, software.

With an extensive library of over 400 books, students are spoilt for choice.

  • Adult method books: Adult Piano Adventures

  • Children method books: John Thompson, Me and My Piano, Piano TimePiano Adventures, Waterman Piano Lessons

  • Children extra pieces: Piano Time Classics, Tunes for 10 fingers, Oxford Piano Method, Kabalevsky

  • General extra pieces: Grade piano solos, Really easy pianos, Complete Piano Player, Faber

  • ABRSM specimen exam: scales, aural, sight-reading, pieces

  • Sight-reading books: Improve your sight-reading, A Piece a Day

  • Theory books: Theory is FunMusic Theory in Practice

  • Technique books: A Dozen a DayHanon, Junior Hanon, Czerny, Schmitt

  • Baroque to Modern music: Classics to Modern, More Romantic Pieces for Piano, Hours with the Masters, Album for the Young

  • Contemporary and film music: Studio Ghibli, Einaudi, Yann Tiersen

  • Advanced music: Bach preludes & fuges, Library of Piano Classics, Haydn symphonies, Beethoven overtures, Chopin Etudes

  • Teaching aids: music flashcards, whiteboards, manuscript sheets, percussion instruments

"My son started taking private piano lessons from Qian since last 6 months. I am impressed by Qian's unique way of teaching piano. Her teaching method helps build a solid foundation for kids to develop their interests and skills in playing piano. Qian is amazing with children and she creates an environment that is friendly and inspiring. Finally, she is well proficient in online teaching methods and nicely skilled to engaged with the student remotely."- Dasun (Piano parent)

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